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For contemporary projects designed to last.

Aluminium is the perfect fit for modern joinery. Clean, minimalist lines offering unobstructed views to the outside.

Aluminium for your front door and windows

Our aluminium doors and windows feature impressive thermal and sound insulation properties. Insulating layers are built up to prevent air, water as well as noise from travelling through the frame. Insulation, comfort and security, without compromising on the elegance and thinness of the end result.

Aluminium, for your interior partition walls and doors

Aluminium is an incredibly popular choice if you’re after a minimalist look for your interior. Made-to-measure doors and walls, combining glass and aluminium, will define your space with a stylish, lightweight solution. Choose a durable, 100% recyclable material that’s easy to look after.


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Aluminium is a really resistant material that is incredibly light. The thinness and elegance of aluminium finishes make it a huge asset for minimalist, modern architecture. Made from bauxite, a natural raw material available in abundance, it is 100% recyclable and doesn’t need any particular maintenance in the long run, thus reducing its impact on the environment. Its sturdiness makes it an excellent solution for very tall and wide openings, with minimal visual clutter.



Aluminium is made from natural raw materials. 100% recyclable, it doesn’t need much looking after in the long run, thus reducing its environmental impact.


Aluminium is a really resistant material. It maintains its high level of quality over the years, and guarantees flawless lines on wide widths.


Aluminium’s incredible resistance means it can be used to create ultra-thin lines, making your joinery incredibly lightweight, whilst offering optimum insulation.


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